Support Greg’s Channel Swim

29 Aug 2014

An inspirational friend of The Shepherd Centre, 26-year-old medical student Greg Shein will this weekend attempt to realise his long-held dream of swimming the English Channel, all in the name of raising funds to support children with hearing loss.  The 34 kilometre swim is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but Greg has been training non-stop for almost two years in preparation for this weekend – and we’re all behind him! Greg’s support of The Shepherd Centre stems from his own personal experience of hearing loss, having endured five surgeries before the age of 15, to treat a cholesteatoma. “I do have some hearing loss in that ear,” Greg explained. “But I am able to compensate for that. I just remember the outstanding care I received, and being encouraged to not let the problems with my ear get in the way of doing any activity, particularly swimming. That is part of the reason I became interested in going to medical school, and also why I want to try and give back in some way, by helping out a great organisation like The Shepherd Centre.” Greg initially set an impressive fundraising target of $10,000, but to date, he has far exceeded his goal – now having raised almost $16,000 – a huge achievement, and all before he has even set foot in the Channel!  “I just received so much encouragement and support from people who said they would be very keen to contribute towards my fundraising efforts,” Greg said. “It’s been going really well, I have been overwhelmed with the level of support I have received.”   As Greg prepares to brave the waters between England and France, it’s not too late to show your support – you can do so here. We’ll also be providing regular updates on Greg’s progress once the swim begins – so stay tuned. Good luck, Greg!