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Our team of experts has been delivering world-leading therapy for children with hearing loss for more than 50 years and are industry leaders in Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) therapy.

Learning for Hearing Impaired Children

Children with hearing loss now have the opportunity to enter into mainstream schooling with listening and spoken communication skills that are on par with their typically hearing peers. This is an encouraging possibility and a key goal of many families that use listening and spoken language as their…

Reasons for Hearing Loss in Children

Why do children have hearing loss? Hearing loss is a common condition in children and is present in one out of every one thousand births. Because of this deafness is known as the most common disability diagnosed at birth. As some types of hearing loss progress over…

The impact of hearing loss on child development

The presence of a hearing loss can have an impact on the typical developmental pathway for a child learning how to communicate. For many families, pursuing a pathway to develop listening and spoken communication skills is one that derives from a goal for their child

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