A Hero’s Welcome For Professor Clark

13 Oct 2014

Audiologist Shellie Lavery experienced a ‘star struck’ moment recently, when she was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with cochlear implant inventor, Professor Graeme Clark and his wife Margaret, at an International Conference on Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Technologies.

“I’ve been to many conferences in the past where Professor Clark has been in attendance,” Shellie explained, “but the opportunity isn’t normally there to speak with him. He’s a superstar in our world, so I jumped at the chance to meet him in person!”

In addition to discussing the work of The Shepherd Centre, Shellie was also thrilled to find a family connection in common with Professor Clark, with the two sharing stories of growing up in Camden, NSW.

Professor Clark received a rockstar reception amongst the gathered crowd, Shellie said, and provided many with whom he met a moment they will never forget.

“He is certainly someone who I’ve always wanted to meet,” she said. “It’s funny to be excited about meeting someone like Professor Clark in a way that others might be excited about meeting a superstar! But in my world, he is a superstar!

“He’s someone who I’ve always been in awe of, and to have now met him is just amazing. It was definitely a moment I will treasure forever.”

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