Getting loud is in the family

17 Sep 2020

For the Aisha Aboud, each year, Loud Shirt Day is a family affair.

Participating in the event and fundraising since 2018, the family feel it’s a fun way to give back to the organisation that has supported their son Logan.

Logan was diagnosed with hearing loss as a newborn. He has unilateral hearing loss in his right ear and hydrocephalus (water on the brain).

In Logan’s first appointment at Hearing Australia the family we’re introduced to The Shepherd Centre. They started attended therapy sessions at the Casula centre.

Aisha says, “everyone there where helpful and they included Colin, my oldest son, into everything they would do.”

When the opportunity of Loud Shirt Day came around, Aisha and her family decided to get involved to help raise funds for the organisation that has supported them, but also bring awareness to hearing loss and early intervention.

With her own photography business, Aisha set up affordable children’s portrait sessions with the proceeds going to Loud Shirt Day.

Logan’s dad, Aisha’s husband, Nathan encouraged his workplace, a construction company to celebrate too.

“At his workplace, the team get to wear a crazy shirt and have a BBQ. It’s a bit of fun for them but great for the kids of The Shepherd Centre.”

In 2019, both Aisha and Nathan got involved in fundraising again. Aisha’s photography sessions were encouraged families to get photos in time for the festive season.

“I used my Facebook and Logan’s Instagram page that I manage to help encourage my family and friends to get involved. On his Instagram I’ve been showcasing Logan’s hearing journey, I told Logan’s story and explained why an organisation like The Shepherd Centre is a great charity to give to,” said Aisha.

At the organisation’s weekly Kidscape sessions, Aisha was instrumental in talking to other families about getting involved.

“It doesn’t have to be a big event, even a small morning tea with friends for a gold coin donation helps. It’s an excuse to get together and wear something different and you feel great while doing it!”

This year Aisha and Nathan will be fundraising for their third year in a row with Aisha already one of the top fundraisers for 2020.

“The support so far has been incredible and we’d love for more people to learn about hearing loss and lending a helping hand,” she said.

Aisha is running her kids portrait sessions, information can be found on her Facebook page.  

Aisha Aboud has become a part of The Shepherd Centre family. She was instrumental in photographing portraits for the organisations’ 50th-anniversary coffee table book.

To register for Loud Shirt Day and make some noise for children with hearing loss, visit: https://www.loudshirtday.org.au/

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