A true inspiration

23 Dec 2020

Anthony admits his journey hasn’t been an easy one. It began just after he turned three when he was diagnosed with a congenital malformation of the cochlear. ‘I had hearing aids in both ears by the time I was four and then when I turned 16 I had a cochlear implant in my right ear when doctors noticed further deterioration of my hearing.’

Anthony credits The Shepherd Centre for much of the success he’s had in his life. Not just because they worked with him. But because of the help they gave his parents. ‘Beyond their commitment to fostering speech and auditory training for children,’ he says, ‘it was the family-centred empathetic care from The Shepherd Centre that prompted my parents to continue the relationship. The Centre played a large part in helping my parents to help me. The positive reinforcement over even small successes at The Centre were followed up at home. My teachers and parents would clap and cheer when a word or sentence was pronounced correctly.’

You can read more of our success stories in our beautiful hard-cover book, Changing the Story, produced to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

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