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20 May 2020

How to decorate your child’s hearing devices

Like most electronics in our lives, where there is a device there is a way to jazz it up! Many children with hearing loss enjoy decorating their devices and there are benefits to doing this:

  • Decorating devices with characters or colours that children like can give them a positive association with their devices and be a motivator for using them regularly. It may also help their peers see them in a positive light
  • Allowing a child who is hearing impaired to make decisions around device colours can help give them ownership and a sense of responsibility for them when they are old enough.
  • If you have more than one child with hearing devices, it can help to keep track of who the devices belong to as they can often look similar on the outside but have very different settings for each child on the inside.
  • Having bright colours can help find devices again if they are lost, hidden or have fallen on the ground when you are out and about.
Hearing Device - Toy Story Design Hearing Device - Monsters, Inc. Design
Hearing Device - Disney Frozen Design

Image courtesy of Hearoes UK 2020

Decals for hearing devices:

These are stickers that can be removed without causing damage to the surface of the devices. These can be changed regularly as your child’s preferences change and can be made in many colours and prints.

Some websites where these can be found include:




StickyEars on facebook – use the message function to get in contact and purchase.

StickyEars - Hearing Device Stickers

Image courtesy of StickyEars Australia 2020


Mix it up with fun part and mould colours

Ear moulds can be made in many different colours, many children have fun choosing and changing colours with each new pair. Colour choices may vary between manufacturers and clinics so check with your audiologist to find out what options are available. Some devices may also have fun coloured parts like ear hooks, battery doors or receivers. These may vary depending on the device or manufacturer so check in with the audiologist that fitted the device around what options are available.

Customised Hearing Device

Images courtesy of Phonak 2018

Girl with Customised Hearing Aid


Important things to remember

Ensure you check the model of your child’s devices and order the correct decals as every device model may differ in shape and size.

Do not use glue, paint or any other agent on the hearing device that may damage the surface or microphones. If in doubt, ask your audiologist first.

Do not use any decoration that may block or affect the microphone ports. The location of these is different for each device so check with your audiologist or the device manual which should show where they are.


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