Christmas book review – The Twelve Dogs of Christmas

10 Dec 2015

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, by Kevin Whitlark, is a lovely take on ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, with each day being represented by a different breed of dog doing the things dogs love to do!

The twelve dogs of christmas

Here are some activities:

  • Sing ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ or ‘The Twelve Dogs of Christmas’ – you could even make up your own version of the songs about another animal…what would ‘The Twelve Cats of Christmas’ sound like?
  • There is a movie of this name that has some nice reviews that you might like to explore – let us know if you think it’s worth a watch! 🙂
  • Practice counting while reading this book with a younger child.
  • Talk about the similarities and differences between different dog breeds and sort them out according to their characteristics.

Watch out for our next Christmas book review and activities, and happy reading! 

Jenna GolabSpeech Pathologist, Listening & Spoken Language Specialist

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