Cochlear Kanso – An update for our families

09 Feb 2017

Our families and clients with cochlear implants may be aware that Cochlear have released a new, off-the-ear sound processor called Kanso. Information provided by Cochlear states that the Kanso provides equivalent hearing and listening benefits to the current Nucleus 6 processors.

From today, Kanso can be purchased through Cochlear’s online store. Cochlear have confirmed that funding for Kanso is not available via Australian Hearing or Private Health Funds in Australia.

If you have any questions please contact the audiology team at The Shepherd Centre – we are here to help, and can provide more information about the possible benefits of Kanso for your unique needs. We also have samples of Kanso available so you can see for yourself the size of the device and the different colours available prior to purchasing.

For more information, please visit

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