Common questions about leaving a gift in your will

20 Jan 2020

Leave a gift in will to support deaf children

‘Oh no, I’m not very well-off – I can’t afford to leave anything to a charity in my Will.’

‘Well, I have six grandchildren, so I can’t include a charity because they would miss out!’

These, or something similar, are two of the most common responses to the idea of including a charity in your Will: that you need to be wealthy; and that if you leave a gift to a charity, you are taking inheritance away from your family.

Guess what? Neither is true!

You do not need to be a multi-millionaire or anything close to it to remember a charity in your Will. No charity expects their supporters to gift millions of dollars. At The Shepherd Centre, every gift that comes our way is received with gratitude and appreciation – there is no such thing as a gift too small. Every dollar helps to make a difference to children with hearing loss.

There are several ways you can go about including a charity in your Will that won’t break the bank. For more information about these, click here and go to ‘Including The Shepherd Centre’. 

And what about your loved ones? At The Shepherd Centre, we urge anyone considering leaving a gift in their Will to take care of loved ones first and foremost. We even have a special Gifts in Wills Charter that includes a promise to this effect.

Any of the above gift options allows for family and friends to be cared for first and foremost. Even with ten children or thirty-three grandchildren, they can all be looked after while still including a charity.

Leaving a gift to a charity in your Will is not just for the very wealthy or for those without children. I have a child, rent my apartment, only work part-time, have very few assets of any kind and yet, when I draw up my Will I will include a charity. I know first-hand the difference even a small gift can make.

You have the potential to transform the lives of future generations of children with hearing loss.

Will you consider leaving a gift in your Will to The Shepherd Centre?

by Samantha Meisner-Lemon

Planned Giving Officer


Have a question for Samantha about leaving a gift in your will?

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