Connecting with your children through Lego

17 Apr 2020

LEGO® Workshop with The Shepherd Centre

In January a small group of Liverpool parents were able to participate in a workshop with a Certified LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator (yes! such a role exists).

The workshop provided parents with tools to support their child’s emotional wellbeing through building with the popular child’s toy.

Supported by Stephanie Ingram, Child & Family Counsellor of our South Western Sydney centres, parents were able to explore feelings around having a child with hearing loss, along with the support an organisation like The Shepherd Centre provides.

The parents were encouraged to build how The Shepherd Centre made them feel. The resulting structure described our organisation as, ‘safe and transparent and trustworthy.’

Parents are encouraged to utilise playtime with Lego to continually explore their children’s feelings and emotions around their hearing loss, feeling accepted by their peers and wearing devices.

At The Shepherd Centre, we use a transdisciplinary approach to ensure our children and their families and carers can find all the support they need under the one roof.

We want to extend a big thank you to Martin Paul from More Strategic for donating his time to run this workshop for our families.

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