Consciously giving

20 Oct 2020

Margaret David gardener

David and Margaret had always been charity conscious.
‘Instead of throwing a dollar here and there,’ says Margaret, ‘we wanted to contribute to one organisation that was making difference.’
‘Because of David’s hearing impairment, he was keen to do something in that area.’
Because of his own issues growing up, David has an affinity with the children who attend The Shepherd Centre and is grateful for the opportunity to support them.
It’s just amazing what they do at The Shepherd Centre. Seeing that intervention with babies and young kids, I have a real understanding about what it means to them.’

If you’re a supporter and would like to leave a message as to why you’ve been inspired to give to The Shepherd Centre, let us know here: Share your story

You can read more stories of our supporters, families and staff in our 50th Anniversary coffee table book, Changing the Story, available to purchase now. 

The Shepherd Centre is 50 years old

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