Disabled Children’s Foundation supports Tasmanian outreach

14 Oct 2019

The Disabled Children’s Foundation was established in 1997 to ensure children with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone in the community.

For 2019 the Foundation provided a grant to The Shepherd Centre to help a number of our clinicians hold outreach services for our Tasmanian families.

We supply early intervention and school-age support and therapy to children with hearing loss in Tasmania, weekly sessions are conducted via our Interactive Online Services, a mix of videoconferencing, online courses and access to a secure parent portal.

Twice a year our clinicians travel to Tasmania to ensure they can visit the children and families in person. Staff offer audiology assessments, speech and language assessments, and transdisciplinary clinical sessions while on the ground.

As The Shepherd Centre receives only 30% government funding, grants such as those provided by The Disabled Children’s Foundation help to ensure our regional communities are supported with essential services.

You can help The Shepherd Centre reach more regional communities by making a tax deductible donation here.

If your Trust or Foundation would be interested in supporting The Shepherd Centre, contact Jesse King on [email protected] or (02) 9370 4452 for an obligation free chat.

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