Dooley’s Care in Crisis

21 Sep 2021

The Shepherd Centre supports more than 300 hearing-impaired children in Greater Western Sydney.

Our services equip them with life-changing speech and communication skills, and emotional resilience.

However, these services do not happen automatically. We rely largely on support from local communities in order to deliver them.

DOOLEYS Clubs is one of our most generous long-term partners. In 2021, despite the challenges of COVID-19, they provided us with two generous grants.

The first grant supports Chime Time, our music therapy program.

Chime Time consists of engaging group education sessions, attended by local hearing-impaired children and their families. These sessions feature a range of fun musical activities with a proven track record of transforming the speech and communication skills of children.

The second grant supports our Care in Crisis counselling program.

This program not only empowers children with social skills and emotional resilience, equipping parents with strategies to cope with the challenges of their child’s disability; but has specific focus on the added distress caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to DOOLEYS generosity, local families have received the support crucial to helping them weather the current challenging period as well as continuing to develop their children’s all-important communication skills.

Go to https://www.dooleys.com/community to find out more about their remarkable work giving back to the community.

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