Father and son

16 Jun 2020


Connor Tubridy was born with profound hearing loss. Getting him into The Shepherd Centre’s Early Intervention Program was an obvious choice for his parents, Sean and Rebecca. They had both attended the Centre in the early 1970s.

Because of The Shepherd Centre’s philosophy of never resting on its laurels, the outcomes for Connor and his parents have been totally different.

‘Like Connor, I have profound hearing loss,’ says Sean.

‘I was nine months old when I first attended The Shepherd Centre and received Auditory-Oral Therapy. By the time Connor came along The Shepherd Centre had made dramatic improvements and he received Auditory-Verbal Therapy. I rely on lipreading whereas Connor has two cochlear implants, can speak and hear and even talk on the phone. Recently,’ says Sean, ‘we went on a holiday together and spent a night in a motel. Connor mentioned there wasn’t a soap packet in the bathroom. I was about to head up to the office. Connor said, “Where are you going?”, picked up the phone, spoke to the receptionist and the soap packet was delivered to our room.’

You can read more of our success stories in our beautiful hard-cover book, Changing the Story, produced to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

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