I have a dream

06 Oct 2020

Yetta dreams of the day when a person with a hearing device is looked upon in the same way as a person wearing glasses – ‘a time when we embrace it as a point of difference and not as a disability.’

Like King’s dream, Yetta’s vision for the future won’t happen overnight but she’s confident it will happen. Her optimism is based on the many lessons she learned while working at The Shepherd Centre.

‘Having worked so closely with so many Auditory-Verbal Therapists,’ says Yetta, ‘I’ve seen first-hand the motivation to be innovative. You’re taking evidence as you go, continually looking back and asking “What did I learn from that and how do I bring it into what I’m doing now?”. You’ve got this continuous cycle of innovation which I know works in areas such as software, engineering and manufacturing. But it’s not often looked at in the behavioural sides in human communication. But that’s what is happening at The Shepherd Centre.’

You can read more of our success stories in our beautiful hard-cover book, Changing the Story, produced to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

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