It’s the little things

11 Jan 2021

Bella’s profound hearing loss wasn’t diagnosed until she was two-and-a-half years old. Her mother recalled a chance meeting with The Shepherd Centre therapist Anne Fulcher at a party and contacted her immediately.

‘I was fitted with two hearing aids and enrolled into the program,’ says Bella. ‘I learnt to use what hearing I had and then worked on my speech. I didn’t speak very well until I was five. But thanks to speech therapy and training at The Shepherd Centre I was able to catch up to my peers. Being deaf could’ve prevented me from reaching my full potential. But it didn’t and that’s what I like most about The Shepherd Centre – meeting lifelong friends and the amazing staff who have helped give me a voice.’

You can read more of our success stories in our beautiful hard-cover book, Changing the Story, produced to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

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