John James Foundation supporting our most vulnerable families

26 Nov 2021

Raising a child is a financial challenge for any family. However, a disability such as hearing loss can lead to a significant financial burden, with an ever-present build-up of costs for treatment and therapy.

This is especially difficult for families who do not have access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), or do not receive a sufficient amount of funding from it, to cover their child’s needs.

Tragically, this can mean that children do not receive the intensive specialist support that they need to overcome the challenges of their disability, and reach their full potential in life.

Unlike many other providers in our sector, The Shepherd Centre has a policy of never turning families away, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Of course, this comes at a cost to our organisation, and we couldn’t do it without our generous supporters in the community!

The John James Foundation has provided a grant to help us run a special program of support in the ACT, for local children with hearing loss who come from financially disadvantaged circumstances.

The program ensures that these children receive intensive audiology, speech therapy and counselling services, which their families would otherwise be unable to afford.

Through this generous support, the Foundation has unlocked the potential of these children, who will overcome the challenges of their hearing disability, thrive in a mainstream school, and grow into healthy, happy and productive adults.

We thank the John James Foundation for helping us to change these young lives!

Find out more about the Foundation at www.jjf.org.au

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