Mr Scruff – Book Review

09 Sep 2019

Written & illustrated by Simon James

Book review by Listening & Spoken Language Therapist, Tess, from our Newtown centre.

This is a delightful rhyming book by Walker Books… Polly belongs to Molly, Eric belongs to Derek and Martha belongs to Arthur, but what about poor Mr Scruff? He’s alone waiting for an owner! Luckily Jim comes along and convinces his parents that he doesn’t need a puppy, he just wants to give Mr Scruff a home.

This heart-warming tale is beautiful to read with all ages – the rhymes give it a lovely rhythm and the illustrations truly bring the characters to life. Each time reading through there are new details to enjoy and discuss (keep an eye out for Lawrence sitting at the table with Florence…cutting up his dog biscuits with a knife and fork!).

I particularly love the inside cover with all different breeds of dogs shown – a wonderful opportunity to talk about differences and what makes us special. They’re all dogs, but some have floppy ears and some have pointy ears, some have long legs and some have short legs, some have curly hair and some have spiky hair – just as some people are tall and some are short, some people were glasses and others don’t, some people have brown hair and some have blonde, black or red hair…and some people have hearing devices! I hope you enjoy Mr Scruff as much as I have.

Mr Scruff was kindly donated as a resource for the children of The Shepherd Centre by Walker Books Australia. 


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