My North Star

24 Dec 2020

Carly Hessey remembers feeling totally lost when she found out her little baby was profoundly deaf.

‘Elle’s hearing loss was picked up through the hearing test after her birth, and then confirmed six weeks later. I had no idea what this meant for her future.’

Then she heard about The Shepherd Centre and that’s when hope kicked in. ‘You get very protective of your child when you’re told she’s deaf but at the same time you’re lost. You don’t really know where you’re going. The Shepherd Centre was like my North Star. Every time I needed something they guided me back and I knew I could get what I needed from them, whatever information I needed. It became our happy place. Its light guided me through those early years when I felt lost and unsure where to go. Even all these years later that North Star shines just as bright to beckon me back whenever I need it.’

You can read more of our success stories in our beautiful hard-cover book, Changing the Story, produced to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

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