Nits: A Review by Listening & Spoken Language Therapist, Tess, from our Newtown centre.

20 May 2019

Walker Books review Nits by Stephanie Blake

In this hilarious new story, Stephanie Blake brings humour and light to the dreaded itch of nits. Simon loves Lou…but Lou loves Mamadou! When Lou gets nits, she finds out that Mamadou might not be a keeper. Luckily Simon loves Lou AND her nits! The simple and colourful illustrations in this laugh-out-loud story are perfect for talking about emotions and practising those important theory of mind skills, such as imagining how you’d feel in another person’s shoes and predicting what might happen next. The text is easy to follow for early readers and fun for the whole family to enjoy. A great reminder to choose the person who loves you… nits and all!

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Thanks to Walker Books Australia for donating children’s books to enrich our reading resources for children of The Shepherd Centre.

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