Now What? A Math Tale – Book Review

05 Aug 2019

Now What? A Math Tale

Now What A Maths Tale hasbeen donated by Walker Books Australia

Written by Robie H. Harris

Illustrated by Chris Chatterton

Book review by Listening & Spoken Language Therapist, Tess, from our Newtown centre.

I am not usually excited by a book that has “a math tale” in the title, but “Now What –A Math Tale” is definitely an exception. This book is a delightful introduction to shapes, sizes, dimensions, matching and building as we watch puppy try to make a nice bed to sleep on. You can trace your finger on the blocks and find the rectangle with “1 2 3 4 corners” and then “1 2 3 4 straight lines –2 are long. 2 are short” . But I wonder if the rectangle is wide enough for a snooze? And what will puppy do if he needs a square block but only has triangles? The illustrations in this book are so cleverly done with puppy drawn alongside photos of real blocks, making it look truly three dimensional. I wonder how puppy is feeling when he can’t find another long rectangle block? Take a look at his eyebrows for a clue and maybe you can see if his tail is wagging. Now What is a great book for theory of mind and taking on perspectives of others with a great message of persevering. Puppy certainly earns his nap in this book! Children will love getting the blocks out and trying to follow along with what pup is doing and then making their own masterpieces (before inevitably knocking them down!).

Now What? A Math Tale was kindly donated as a resource for the children of The Shepherd Centre by Walker Books Australia.

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