Off to School for our graduates

04 Feb 2015

Shoes have been polished, names tags sewn in and lunch boxes are on standby. The school year begins this week, and for our 2014 graduates and their families, it’s a week they’ve been preparing for quite some time.

For some families, it has been years of weekly auditory-verbal therapy sessions, and countless hours of practicing good listening skills at home. Now, all the hard work will pay off for 30 children across NSW and the ACT as our graduating parents tearfully wave their children goodbye at the school gate, and watch them take their first steps at ‘big school’.

At The Shepherd Centre, we will miss seeing our graduating families on a regular basis, but we could not be prouder that they are starting this exciting journey. With support from their friends, families and teachers there is no limit to what these children can achieve.

The Shepherd Centre can make an enormous difference to the life of a child with hearing loss – continuous improvements in hearing devices combined with the early intervention speech therapy we provide can give children with hearing loss a voice they may not otherwise have had.

Now, having said goodbye to the Class of 2014, we now look to seeing the excited faces of our children and families as they join us for the first sessions of 2015, which commence this week.

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