Olive shines on her first day

20 Feb 2020

Olive starts Big School with help from The Shepherd Centre

In 2020, The Shepherd Centre proudly saw 46 children start ‘big school’. Each of those children attended our Early Intervention programs at one of our six locations across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

One of those graduates is little Olive O’Hagan who attends our Macquarie centre. Guests at our Macquarie graduation late last year would remember the emotional speech by Olive’s parents, who narrated Olive’s hearing journey through The Shepherd Centre in the form of a fairy tale. The speech beautifully outlined the thoughts and feelings of parents who are faced with a hearing loss diagnosis in their child, and the support that can be found through the transdisciplinary approach to early intervention at The Shepherd Centre.

If you’d like to read their speech, head here.

The Daily Telegraph interviewed Olive’s family ahead of her first day in Kindergarten, you can read the whole article: 


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