Power of Speech 2017

13 Jul 2017

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This August six young adults will travel to Canberra with the amazing opportunity to speak to Australia’s federal politicians about the future for people with hearing loss.

The group, travelling from across Australia and New Zealand, are all graduates of First Voice early intervention centres, including The Shepherd Centre’s Emily Quinn-Smyth.

Each participant will present a speech about growing up with hearing loss, living with cochlear implants, the challenges they have overcome and the obstacles they will face in the future.

The event, arranged as a Q&A breakfast, will include a panel of four politicians answering questions from the group, and from Twitter and Facebook, on the topic of ‘assuring the future for people with hearing loss’.

Sponsored generously by Cochlear, Power of Speech will be held at Parliament House on August 17th to further awareness of the importance of early intervention for hearing impaired children, the remarkable outcomes that are achieved and the need to continue support for teenagers and young adults as they enter adulthood.

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