R U Really OK?

09 Sep 2021

Supporting someone who is struggling

We all want to support those we are close to.

But sometimes it can be difficult to recognise if someone isn’t okay. This is why we need to try to recognise the signs and prepare to support them.

Maybe they are behaving differently to how they normally would. And even if you do ask them if they are okay, they might be closed off from talking about what is bothering them.

The link below contains a couple of interactive roleplay videos that show you how to listen, encourage action and check in with someone who might need help. 

How to ask “Are you OK?” | R U OK?

There are many avenues of support which you can share with someone if they are not okay. Family and friends can also use these services to get advice on how to support someone who is struggling with life.

Where can I get help | R U OK?

The video below gives a complete guide to everything about R U OK? day and how you can meaningfully take part.

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