Stretch your child’s imagination with Lego

22 Jun 2020

Lego for creative play with kids

Did you know that playing with Lego stimulates many areas of the brain as you play?

Have you ever thought about the many things you think about when you pick up a Lego block to put it with another? 

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Shape 
  • Placement
  • Planning for what you pick up next
  • Thinking about what you are creating
  • Following an instruction

You can build on your own, you can build with others or you can create your very own Lego building competitions. Smaller children may find Duplo or Mega Blocks easy to manipulate.

When you play with Lego, or other blocks, with your child you can coach your child about all of the thinking that is happening while you are creating. You can talk about what you notice your child doing, or talk about what you are doing when you build your masterpiece. Lego, or other blocks, are a toy for all ages of development.  

By playing with Lego, your child will be developing their fine motor skills, their creativity and imagination, their maths skills, their language skills, their planning skills, their negotiation skills, their sharing skills just to name a few skills developed in play. 

What if I don’t own Lego?

Wooden blocks are great for building or access a toy library in your area.

You can use other items from around the home to build. Here are some ideas for your child:

  • Lie down on the ground, can you see how long you are? Line up cushions and pillows on the floor to see how many you need to make up your length? Can you stack the cushions high? Can you build a cushion tower that is taller than you? Can you build one that is taller than a sibling, your mum, dad or carer?
  • Do you have dried pasta in your cupboard? Big tube-shaped pasta like rigatoni can be used for building. How many can you stack on one another before they fall down? Use PVA glue to stick pieces together. Can you make a person? a boat? an aeroplane? Can you thread them onto a string and make a necklace? 

What will you build next? 

Written by Danielle Lam, Program Development Manager and Senior Manager, Listening and Spoken Language Services

Danielle Lam is Program Development Manager and Senior Manager, Listening and Spoken Language Services at The Shepherd Centre based in Wollongong

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