Thank you James N. Kirby Foundation

19 Oct 2021

The Shepherd Centre is unique in its impact on children with hearing loss and their families.

We offer a comprehensive range of services not found elsewhere. As a result, our children achieve world-leading life outcomes, thriving in mainstream education and reaching their full potential.

However, we know that there are limits to what one organisation can do. As much as we would like to, we cannot directly reach every child who needs our support.

Instead, we have decided to share our knowledge and expertise with organisations across Australia and around the world, so that they can provide best-practice support to hearing-impaired children in their care.

We have achieved this through ‘HearHub’, an online platform which is full of resources that clinicians and educators can use, to develop the speech and communication skills of hearing-impaired children.

These resources will transform the way that children are supported, ensuring that they can benefit from TSC’s uniquely and holistic range of therapies, which will give them the best possible chance for success in life!

The James N. Kirby Foundation has provided a generous grant to help TSC develop resources for HearHub. Specifically, the grant funds a series of resources which develop the social skills of hearing-impaired children.

Through this support, children are empowered with the skills they need to form positive relationships with others, participate at school, and thrive in their communities, despite the challenges of their hearing loss.

The James N. Kirby Foundation has a remarkable legacy of empowering children with hearing loss, having supported TSC for the past 30 years.

We thank them for their ongoing, life-changing generosity!


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