The apprentice becoming a master

15 Jun 2020

Stephen attended The Shepherd Centre from 2003 to 2005 after being diagnosed with severe bilateral hearing loss. He has been wearing hearing aids in both ears ever since.

‘I took part in intensive one-on-one Auditory-Verbal Therapy,’ says Stephen, ‘and remember loving almost every part of it. The lessons took place in a fun and lively environment. And I think the young me was always captivated by a TV showing a recording of me.’

The seeds were probably sown early to become an audiologist. But it wasn’t a conscious decision until his later years in high school.

‘During those early years at The Shepherd Centre,’ he recalls, ‘I was learning how to speak without even knowing it. I can remember multiple play groups, playing and riding around with other kids, having a great time and always running over for pancakes. I think at the time I didn’t appreciate just how influential my experiences back then were. I took my speech for granted for many years.’

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