The Role of Parents in a Hearing Impaired Child’s Education

19 Mar 2020

Education of children with hearing impairment

Approximately 90% of children who are hearing impaired are born to parents who have normal hearing, due to this, it’s understandable they may have little to no understanding of how hearing loss can affect communication. Parents and caregivers may feel a sense of grief or loss, unsure of what the future holds for their child.

Thankfully, through early intervention and the right supports, the future for children with hearing loss is bright. Most children with hearing loss alone can develop speech and language skills, on par, and even above that of their hearing peers.*

In Australia, 86% of children who attend an early intervention specialised service like The Shepherd Centre, go on to complete tertiary education (higher than the general population).

The Shepherd Centre is a world-leader in paediatric hearing loss, we work strategically with our partners in the field to provide evidence-based therapy in a family-friendly environment.

If your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss, The Shepherd Centre encourages you to connect with our specialist team of pediatric audiologists, speech therapists and child & family counsellors, to understand how we can support your child and family.

With a goal of teaching your child with hearing loss to listen and speak, we work with each of our families, arming them with the tools to fill a child’s world with sound. Through understanding your needs and capacity, as well as any additional needs your child may have, we provide access to our early intervention system, this program may include:

  • Parent education sessions and the opportunity to connect with other families of hearing-impaired children
  • One-on-one audiology, speech therapy and family counselling all under the one roof
  • Ensuring parents have the skills and tools to continue therapy at home
  • Weekly playgroup and music sessions
  • Dedicated groups to teach parents and children advocacy skills for their hearing loss and resilience-building techniques
  • Off to school groups to support children as they start kindergarten

Who can attend?

All parents/caregivers can contribute to their child’s development and their combined support is welcomed at The Shepherd Centre. Parents and caregivers can use our Online Telehealth services to join a session, to ensure they are staying across their child’s progress and can understand how to implement the tools taught, at home.

The Shepherd Centre works with parents and caregivers to support children who are hearing impaired. With our tailored suite of programs and services, we provide children and their families the support and resources they need to learn to listen and speak.  Contact us to learn more about us and what we can provide.

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