The Shepherd Centre is asking you to get LOUD for kids with hearing loss

30 Oct 2018




Sydney, Australia – Tuesday 9 October 2018: World-leading children’s charity The Shepherd Centre is asking Australians to get LOUD in October to support families of children with hearing loss who rely on their crucial early intervention services across NSW, ACT and Tasmania.

Research shows that with current funding, one in every two Australian children who are deaf miss out on crucial early intervention services.1 The Shepherd Centre’s annual Loud Shirt Day (Friday 19 October 2018) will raise funds to help close this gap to ensure every child can have a listening and spoken language future.

Loud Shirt Day is a yearly event where Australians are encouraged to rock their loudest looks to raise funds in support of The Shepherd Centre (and other First Voice member organisations) and families of children with hearing loss.

Pattern clashing, fluorescent tones and Hawaiian shirts will be in vogue as The Shepherd Centre calls on people to don their LOUDEST looks and help give the gift of sound to deaf kids. Every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential regardless of disability – and Australia can make a real difference to their futures.

Deafness is the most common disability among children in the western world. In Australia, the incidence rate rises from one in every 1000 babies at birth to one in 300 children by school age (due to acquired and developing hearing loss), 92% of these children born to two hearing parents.2 Access to early intervention support can help these kids strive for the best possible speech and listening outcomes with a bright future in a hearing world.

An Australian-first study into the employment and social outcomes of hearing impaired children showed that 95% of those who received early intervention therapy attended a mainstream high school.3 The study completed by First Voice, also found that three in five children who had early intervention graduated from university – compared to two in five of the general population.3

Many people don’t know that it costs almost $20,000 per year per child to provide these services and only 30% of this is government funded. As The Shepherd Centre’s primary fundraiser, events such as Loud Shirt Day help the more than 500 families who turn to The Shepherd Centre each year and close the gap in access to these critical services.

The Shepherd Centre is calling on Australians everywhere to lend a helping hand in support of the 2018 campaign which aims to raise $100,000 by the end of the year.

Dr Jim Hungerford, CEO of The Shepherd Centre, said that the campaign is an opportunity to have some fun and bring out your silly side in support of a good cause.

“We’re helping more Australian children with hearing loss than ever before learn to listen and speak. However we know that for every child we’re able to help, there’s another deaf child who’s missing out on this support,” said Dr Hungerford. “We rely heavily on public donations to be able to continue providing these essential services for Australian families and help close the gap.”

“Every year, Loud Shirt Day showcases not only the brightest outfits, but also the incredible generosity of all Australians. Hosting a Loud Shirt Day event creates visibility in your community around the needs for children with hearing loss and is a fun but simple way to raise crucial funds to help families of all deaf children can access the support they need,” said Dr Hungerford.

The Shepherd Centre’s world leading program gives parents the skills and confidence to help their children enter mainstream schools with speech and listening abilities on par with – and sometimes above – their hearing peers.

For help with hosting your Loud Shirt Day event, visit to register and download your free Host Kit.

To donate to The Shepherd Centre and help families of child with hearing loss please visit

People are also encouraged to share their LOUDEST images of support via social media using the hashtag #LoudShirtDay and tagging @ShepherdCentre and @LoudShirtDay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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About The Shepherd Centre:

The Shepherd Centre is a NSW-based not-for-profit organisation specialising in early intervention to help children who are deaf and hearing-impaired develop spoken language skills.

Since its foundation, The Shepherd Centre has opened up a world of sound for more than 2,000 children who are deaf or hearing impaired. The organisation is recognised as a world leader in the field of Listening and Spoken Language early intervention, providing families with assistance to develop their child’s speech, so they can reach their full potential.

The Shepherd Centre relies heavily upon fundraising and donations to support the more than 500 Australian families who turn to them for help each year. The services cost nearly $20,000 per year per child and the funds donated help give deaf and hearing impaired children access to critical services.

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