Time study at Newtown, Macquarie and Liverpool centres

07 Dec 2015

We are performing a time study during the week of 7-11 December, to record the activities that our clinicians undertake in providing our services. We are doing this to understand how well we are utilising our time and our resources, to see if we can identify ways to improve and hopefully increase our services to families.

There will be four clinicians participating each day at each of three centres (Newtown, the Hearing Hub, and Liverpool). So that their work isn’t slowed down by having to record what is happening, we have employed staff to take summary notes as they follow these clinicians during the day. The notes they take do not contain confidential information. Also, we are not assessing how “well” a child or a clinician is doing. The notes taken are on the task that is occurring – such as a therapy session including use of an iPad – not on any assessments, discussions or activities. If the session is confidential, such as a support session with a Child and Family Counsellor, the staff person will not be in the room.

Each of the staff have signed a confidentiality form and also have had a “working with children check” done. If you are in a session and you feel uncomfortable about having the staff person there, please just say you would like some privacy and they will leave the session.

If you have any questions about our time study please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]


Dr Jim Hungerford

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