Time to take on Heartbreak Hill!

28 May 2015

“The hardest part of our journey was when we found out that Felix had hearing loss. It was a bit of a shock. Since then we’ve settled in to it and we don’t really feel that we’ve got a child with a disability any more. We think he’s coming along really well in his development and we’ve been able to adjust quite well with the help of people around like The Shepherd Centre.

“The beauty of The Shepherd Centre is that it focuses purely on hearing loss. There are a lot of other services that focus on children with disabilities in general but that’s a very broad category of kids that require a really high level of input versus kids like Felix who have hearing loss but are otherwise pretty independent.

“Coming to The Shepherd Centre been really good for my wife, Pinar, who attends more than I do.  For us, one of the best aspects is being able to meet and make contact with other parents who have been through all of this before or are currently going through this.

“Felix has been coming here from a very early age and was diagnosed soon after birth so therapy has always been a part of his life. He’s certainly a very confident and outgoing child. You can tell that from even this age. I’m sure The Shepherd Centre has helped with that – he’s certainly much more outgoing than his father!

“I’m running the City2Surf this year as we’d like to support the wonderful work that The Shepherd Centre does. We’ve benefited immensely from it and we’d love to be able to keep that going and contribute to their work. In terms of getting through the race, I’ll just be happy to finish!”  

Dad Rob Knox is currently in training to compete in the 2015 City2Surf. Rob juggles the demands of parenting and family life as well as his career as a doctor and is now throwing in some training when he can!  Please encourage Rob with his efforts by donating online.

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