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Following the establishment in 2017 of our Alumni Program, Beyond Sound, The Shepherd Centre has successfully reconnected with over 300 of our graduates. 

Historically, we have acknowledged the achievements of our Alumni at our annual graduation ceremonies honouring a Junior and Senior graduate of the year. 

As the number of Alumni connections continue to grow, we are hearing more and more amazing success stories in the classroom, workplaces and sporting fields along with personal achievements and attaining milestones that they never dreamed were possible. These stories deserve to be shared, celebrated and honoured and as such this year The Shepherd Centre is introducing a brand new event the Alumni Achiever Awards. 

The inaugural awards ceremony details are as follows:

When: 6pm on Thursday 6th June 2019.

Where: Strangers Dining Room, Parliament House, 6 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000. 

What: Celebrations, dinner, dancing

If you know someone that you would like to nominate, please see below the award categories and criteria to find out more. 

Award Categories

Dr Bruce Shepherd Oration Award

This award recognises the outstanding achievements made by Shepherd Centre Alumni.  The award will be presented to an Alumni who despite facing difficult obstacles and challenges during their journey to learn to listen and speak, have excelled in their chosen field or gone above and beyond to support others, acting as an ambassador for hearing loss.   Nominees for this award are required to submit a 2 minute speech (max 390 words) about their journey with hearing loss and their hopes for future generations of children born with hearing loss.

Voice of the Future Award 

This award recognises and reward a young Alumni (aged between 12 and 25 years old) who has shown strong leadership skills and potential.   The recipient will have inspired others to engage in a cause or issues close to their heart to make a difference in their school, workplace or within their community and beyond.

The Award for Innovation

This award celebrates an Alumni whose ‘outside the box’ thinking has led them to excel in their chosen field, whether that be technology, design, creativity or research.   The award is an acknowledgement of their vision for the future. 

The Dick Smith Award for Advocacy and Support

This special award recognizes the special efforts of an individual, family member, group or organisation who have gone above and beyond to advocate for The Shepherd Centre and/or an individual/ individuals who have been through our program.    

Champion of Ability Award

This recognises the accomplishments and contributions of a Graduate of The Shepherd Centre (aged between 18 and 30 years old) who’s incredible efforts to both publically and privately advocate for themselves and other Cochlear Implant recipients have made an impact in their community.  They will have used their own journey to empower others with hearing loss and dedicated their time to educate and assist both their hearing and non-hearing peers.  

People’s Choice Award

All nominees will also be entered into this category. The winner will be determined by an online public vote and announced on the night. 


  • Nominees must be available to attend the awards in Sydney on the evening of Thursday 6th June 2019.
  • Nominees must be aged 12 years or over. 
  • Nominees must be a past student of The Shepherd Centre and a member of our ‘Beyond Sound’ Alumni Program (click here to join if you haven’t already).
  • Nominees will be required to sign a publicity consent form to give permission any media and PR activities associated with this event.
  • The nominee must be willing to have their image used in event collateral.
  • The nominee must be willing to participate in ongoing events and activities on behalf of The Shepherd Centre in the 12 months following the awards.

Nomination criteria: nominations must include the following:

  • Full name and contact details (email, phone) of the Nominee and the person nominating (if applicable).
  • Confirmation of the award from the list above you are nominating yourself/someone else for. 
  • No more than 250 words about why you/nominated Alumni should be considered for that particular award.
  • A 1 minute video introducing yourself and your achievements or the achievements of the person you are nominating. 


Nominations will be reviewed and selected by a committee in March 2019. The committee will be made up of award sponsors, Dr Jim Hungerford (CEO of The Shepherd Centre), Aleisha Davis (General Manager Clinical Programs, The Shepherd Centre) and The Shepherd Centre supporters.

  • Each nominee will receive one ticket to the awards. Additional tickets will be available for purchase soon.

Please fill out the form below to make your nomination – you may nominate yourself or someone else.

***Nominations close Sunday 17th March***

Nomination form

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Award (please only choose one)  Dr Bruce Shepherd Oration Award Voice of the Future Award The Award for Innovation The Dick Smith Award for Advocacy and Support Champion of Ability Award
**All nominees will be also be entered into the "People's Choice" Award. This will go to an online public vote with the winner announced on the night.**

Tell us in no more than 250 words why you/nominated Alumni should be considered for the chosen award.

Video: Please send your 60 second video to [email protected] Nominations may be submitted before the videos. Please ensure both nomination form and video are submitted by Sunday 17th March.

Other files: If applicable, please submit any documents that may support the nomination e.g. certificates of achievement, any media cuttings or links, photographs etc. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email files to [email protected]

I can confirm that I have read the nominee and nomination criteria and and information submitted is correct. I can confirm the nominee is a Shepherd Centre graduate.