Commonwealth Bank support helps establish an Australian-first program for children with mild and unilateral hearing loss

Like each child, each type of hearing loss is unique. At The Shepherd Centre, we strive to provide an early intervention program tailored to the individual needs of each child and family. That’s why we recently launched a new program specially designed for children with mild or unilateral hearing loss, called Sound Direction Plus.

An Australian-first, Sound Direction Plus aims to address the unique challenges children with unilateral or bilateral-mild hearing loss experience at various ages and stages throughout their development. We were able to establish this program because of the wonderful support of Commonwealth Bank (CBA) with a total donation of $150,000 towards this program over the next three years.

Our growing partnership with CBA meant that The Shepherd Centre received an additional $110,000 donation from the bank in 2017 towards our early intervention programs. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all CBA staff who got behind our cause and changed lives of so many children with hearing loss – in particular, to the CBA Foundation & Fundraising team and all staff at Newtown, Woden and Weston branches for organising local support for our centres!

Watch Emily’s story on Facebook to see how Sound Direction Plus is changing her life today!


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