Confident Kids 1-2 years group

We are excited to bring our new Confident Kids 1-2 Years groups to families for the first time next term. This social skills program is the newest member of our Confident Kids suite for children aged 12-36 months. This group will help families to recognize and use social opportunities with their child in everyday interactions, to support them to become independent, resilient children and adults.

Unfortunately due to COVID -19 restrictions, this program will need be delivered online for our Sydney Metropolitan centres – Newtown, Liverpool and Macquarie. The program will still be delivered in centre in the Wollongong and Canberra centres.

The online group will offer a parent education delivery model, rather than in centre parent mentoring through play. The online group will be a parent only group, the children will not be directly involved in the delivery of the program.

Please click on the enrolment link https://bit.ly/CK1-2enrol or speak to your local centre contact if your child is in the target age range and you would like to learn more about:

• The typical development of social skills in children ages 1-2 years.

• How to use child-led play and recognise the importance of parent interactions.

• Why finding moments of connection with your child is important in building self-esteem.

· How to allow your child to problem-solve.

• How to help your child to start recognising their own feelings and the feelings of the people around them

• How to manage moments of conflict and transitions in play

• To use everyday interactions and Auditory- Verbal Therapy techniques to support language development

Please forward any additional enquiries to [email protected]

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