Contacting our centres

Contacting our centres

As we all know, unexpected illnesses, family emergencies and situations arise from time to time for us all, including The Shepherd Centre staff. Although we take every possible step to minimise any inconveniences to you as families, in the hopefully rare event that you haven’t received a response (email/phone) within 1-2 working days please call your local centre or email [email protected] and the centre clinical admin assistant will respond to your enquiry appropriately. Please indicate if the matter is urgent. If there is no answer to your phone call at centres, your call will automatically be forwarded to the Newtown office.

Contacting the Audiology Team

The Shepherd Centre’s Audiology team are here to keep your child hearing well at all times, so please contact us as soon as you have any concerns rather than waiting until business hours. Thanks to feedback from families we are also improving the ways you can access our team.
The audiology team can now be reached on (02) 9370 4451 at any time, including after hours and weekends, when the phone will divert to one of our team. Alternatively they are contactable on [email protected]

When might you call the audiology phone number?
• Troubleshooting of your child’s hearing devices
• If you have any concerns about your child’s access to sound at any time
• If your child has an implant and you have any medical concerns, we can get in touch with the medical team from the First Sounds Implant program – again do not hesitate to call us on the number listed above.
• If a processor gets lost or damaged, when extra parts are needed and if something isn’t working properly.

These things are exactly what our audiology service is for. Our role is to ensure that your child has access to sound for as many hours of the day as possible, as we know every moment of every day is a valuable listening opportunity, so please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can follow up with you.

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