Danks Trust helping make Confident Kids

03 May 2022

Over the past two years, we have seen a significant increase in demand for our education programs which teach social and interpersonal skills to deaf children aged 6-12.

Primary school is a challenging time for these kids. Hearing loss can make it very difficult to participate in learning activities, work as part of a team, and ‘fit in’ with other children.

Without specialist clinical support, kids with hearing loss can fall behind academically, and become socially isolated. This can have a detrimental impact on both their emotional wellbeing and their future prospects as adults.

Our Confident Kids Initiative focuses on the development of social skills and emotional resilience, and we run special group education programs within the initiative which are tailored for primary school kids (one group for kids aged 6-8, and another for kids aged 9-12).

These programs ensure that deaf children learn all the interpersonal skills they need to interact positively and productively with others at school, including peers and staff.

With these skills, they can fully benefit from the educational and social opportunities of primary school, laying the foundation for future success.

None of this would be possible without the support of the Danks Trust, who provided a grant for these life-changing programs.

Their generosity has had a transformative impact on these children, setting them up for lives of happiness and success.

A big thank you to the Danks Trust. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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