FAQs for our Online Telehealth System

How can I access the Online Telehealth System?

Your clinician will help walk you through the Online Telehealth platform. At the time of your appointment, simply open the link and dial into your session.


What do I need to prepare?

Talk to your child about seeing your clinician on the device (computer or tablet) the morning of the session. If it is a group session, talk to your child about who they might see in the group. Have any materials discussed with your clinician ready for the session. This may be having your child’s favourite toy or book to show the clinician, having specific toys ready in bags, or being ready to prepare breakfast in your session. This may also be setting your child with an alternative activity for you to have a discussion with your team. A few minutes before the session begins, set up your device in a suitable space.


Can I access groups using Online Telehealth System?

Yes – you will be provided with a separate link and dial in details for group sessions. All links to each of the groups will be provided to you before your session.


How is Online Telehealth different to in centre services?

The same services you receive in centre will be available online. Our transdisciplinary team of specialist audiologists, child and family counsellors and speech pathologists are experienced in delivering individual and group sessions using online services. The structure of these sessions will be similar to what is received in centre and will allow for more flexibility to work with you and your child.


What are the limitations of the Online Telehealth System?

While the same services you typically receive in centre are available online, there are some clinical services that cannot be conducted online, such as middle ear checks, and standardised speech and language assessments.  Your clinician will walk you through these and provide you with solutions to ensure these can be accessed in an alternative way.


Does Online Telehealth impact the cost of services?

No – the same services you receive in centre will be available online so your child’s program will not be impacted.


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