First ever Shepherd Centre Choir

Do you sing in the shower? Have you secretly dreamed of singing on stage?
Well here’s your big chance…
Calling all past graduates and Beyond Sound members to join the first ever Shepherd Centre Choir to perform at our SHINE gala dinner at Sydney Town Hall in June.
Choirs can be a bit stuffy, but this is more about having fun and celebrating sound together – because we can! Singing skills aren’t needed or expected, just join in and have a go. One of our alumni who joined the choir says she “sings like a tortured cat but who cares!”
We will be singing the chorus of a few fabulous and uplifting songs that everyone knows, along with part-choreographed swaying, enjoying yourself and clapping semi in-time to the music. Music, words and tracks will be provided for divas who like to practice and the choirmasters will be Mel Trickey and Joanna McAdam, our resident singing clinical staff.
First rehearsal will be at 5pm 28th May at The Shepherd Centre in Newtown (pizza provided!).
First performance will be in the evening of 2nd June at Sydney Town Hall and then perhaps Eurovision! (Just kidding but you never know…).
If you are interested or need more information, contact [email protected].
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