Sandra Slade

11 Mar 2016

Sandra joined The Shepherd Centre in February 2015 as Director of Operations and Company Secretary. Sandra is responsible for finance, human resources, information technology and systems management, facilities management, risk management and the direction of our Preschool Program. Sandra is a Chartered Accountant having completed her undergraduate degree at Macquarie University and commencing her accounting career in with Ernst and Young and then Grant Thornton. Sandra’s corporate finance roles have included Gucci (in the UK), Panavision Australia Pty Limited and more recently Free TV Australia Limited where she was Director of Finance and Company Secretary. Sandra is passionate about The Shepherd Centre’s work having grown up with an uncle who had cerebral palsy and was deaf. 

“My uncle was smart, funny and worked until he was 60 but his speech and ability to communicate with people was such a frustration for him. He died in his 70’s a couple years ago having led a fabulously full life and was loved by many but I know his life would have been even more fabulous, and more importantly he would have had the independence that he craved, if The Shepherd Centre has been around for him when he was a child,” says Sandra.

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