Aleisha Davis

24 Nov 2015

Aleisha is General Manager of Clinical Programs and a Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist and practising Speech Pathologist. Aleisha joined The Shepherd Centre in 2003 after completing her Masters in Applied Linguistics at Cambridge University in the UK. Aleisha leads the Senior Clinical team to implement the programs across the centres, through the cross matrix multidisciplinary team of Listening & Spoken Language Specialists, Child & Family Counsellors and Researchers & Assessors. Aleisha is currently undertaking her PhD through Macquarie University and the Hearing CRC on Language Acquisition in Children’s Hearing Loss and is looking forward to this contributing to improved intervention technologies and strategies for progression, and an evidence base for parents to guide their decision making. Aleisha received the 2016 State Finalist Award for leadership in the 2016 NSW Business Chamber Awards. This prestigious award recognizes Aleisha’s leadership in the field of childhood hearing loss, particularly her strong work in research and clinical practice, reflecting her passionate commitment to providing the best outcomes for children and families living with hearing loss.


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