Join our exciting new Community Connection Program!

We’re launching an exciting new Community Connection Program to share our stories of The Shepherd Centre and we’re hoping you might be interested in being a part of this with us.


We want to help you share your story. We know the incredible journey this has been for your family in supporting your child in learning to listen and speak. Your story can help to promote the future possibilities for children with hearing loss, provide hope to other families and deepen vital support networks to support what we do. There’s nothing more powerful than families sharing their experiences.


Many families have asked us how they might be able to give back or support our work, and this is a great opportunity to do so. We know sharing your story can be daunting, so our staff will support you with mentoring and training so you can talk about your journey confidently and safely.


There are a number of different ways you can be involved:


Write down your story


You might want to share your story in writing. This story might feature on our website, in a brochure or as part of a fundraising campaign. These stories help us reach out to other families of children with hearing loss as well as to attract vital philanthropic support.


Tell your story in the media


Perhaps you would be willing to do an interview on TV, radio or in other media? We can provide you with training and support to give you the confidence and skills to share your story via a public platform. The media treat our stories with sensitivity and great interest and provide great awareness about the work we do and great outcomes for children with hearing loss.


Talk to new families


Talking to new families in our programs also provides a wonderful contribution. Sharing this experience can be so valuable for new families to The Shepherd Centre who are early in their journey. Your experience and reassurance goes a long way for families commencing this journey.


Become a community fundraising champion


Some families love rallying people within their community and networks to create fun and engaging ways to raise money and educating people about our cause. There’s many different ways we can support you in how you might like to do this.

Sharing your story can be so powerful.


Click below to find our more or register to be a part of our Community Connection Program, to give other families hope, and shine a light on the incredible achievements of children with hearing loss.

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