What is a Listening & Spoken Language Therapist?

When your child with hearing loss attends The Shepherd Centre they’ll meet with a Listening & Spoken Language Therapist, otherwise known as a LSL for short!

But what is a Listening & Spoken Language Therapist?

Our Listening & Spoken Language therapists are speech pathologists that have undertaken additional study, training and accreditation in the areas of  developing listening skills and spoken language skills, with particular attention to paediatric hearing loss. 

Each therapist comes armed with the skills and experience in supporting your child through their hearing journey.

Watch Evelyn discuss what she loves about working with children who are deaf and their families.

Marina discusses the importance of early intervention.

Watch as Yola explains what a Listening & Spoken Language therapist is.

Mel talks us through why she loves to empower families.

If you know a child with hearing loss that could benefit from our specialist services, contact our friendly family care team.

Find out more about Listening & Spoken Language Therapists via AG Bell.

Learn more about how we help children with hearing loss and their families.

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