Macquarie Off To School Parent Education Program – Term 3

16th of August,

Week 1

 Parent Group:
We welcome Sandi Ambler, Principal, RIDBC Garfield Barwick School, RIDBC Support Services (Hearing Impairment).

Sandi will explain Itinerant Support Services for children attending an Independent School and answer any questions you may have.

23rd of August,

Week 2


Parent Group:

Past parent guest speaker.

You will meet and chat with a past Shepherd Centre parent Sarah, whose child recently made the transition to school this year.
Hear what she has to say about the family experience and ask any questions.

30th of August,

Week 3


Parent Group:
Family Support and ‘Parent as Advocate’

Parents of deaf children (PODC) guest representative Fleur Henderson will be attending the group to provide an overview of PODC and talk about the support and services available to families of school aged children. 

6th of September,

Week 4


Parent Group:

The Shepherd Centre Audiologist will be presenting around how to prepare your child for the classroom, what the different types of listening environments are, what technologies are available and what strategies can be used in the classroom.

13 of September,

Week 5


Parent Group:
Itinerant support (Public education). 

Learn how Itinerant support works in local public schools. Guest presenters Roslyn Wilkins and Hannah Teichert from Department of Education will come to the centre to speak with us about how itinerate support works in schools; what is the current criteria, application and support if your child does not fit the criteria. 

20th of September

Week 6

Parent Group:
Nurturing your child’s resilience and self-confidence.

This group will help parents supporting their children around how they can manage social situations at school around their hearing aids or devices and building their social skills which will help develop their resilience and increase their self-confidence.