MyState Foundation supporting Tassie families

30 Mar 2022

For more than a decade, The Shepherd Centre has been the only organisation providing a full range of life-changing clinical services to children with hearing loss in Tasmania.

We have provided this support largely via our world-leading Telehealth video consulting service, using a platform similar to Zoom.

We empower local hearing-impaired children with the speech and communication skills, and emotional resilience, to overcome the challenges of their hearing loss and reach their full potential in life.

The MyState Foundation has supported our work in Tasmania over the past seven years, helping to ensure that local children are not left behind by the gaps in clinical services that exist in the state. Their support has played a crucial role in empowering us to change young lives for the better!

In 2022, The Shepherd Centre established Tasmania’s first-ever on-the-ground, comprehensive clinical service for children with hearing loss (based in Hobart).

Our Telehealth support program will work in partnership with this new service as it expands over the next three years.

This is crucial for ensuring that no local hearing-impaired child misses out on the life-changing therapies they need, and we thank the MyState Foundation for their support in making this happen!


The MyState Foundation has been empowering young Tasmanians since 2001. To find out more about their important work, visit mystate.com.au.

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