• The Project Manager

    The Project Manager 14 Dec 2020

    Martyn Jones joined The Shepherd Centre at a crucial stage in its development in 1996. Over his 10 years at The Shepherd Centre as General Manager he was committed to program enhancements, staff development, research activities, developing external alliances as well as organisational and fundraising initiatives. However, one area stands out as a highlight for him.

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  • An unintended consequence

    An unintended consequence 09 Dec 2020

    ‘I just knew I needed support; I needed help with Tariq’s speech. I needed to connect with other families in a similar situation and I found it all at The Shepherd Centre.’

    But what Rosanna didn’t expect was the effect it would have on her entire family.

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  • Globe trotting

    Globe trotting 08 Dec 2020

    ‘I remember,’ says David, ‘The Shepherd Centre saying, “Yes he is improving, but you will really see an acceleration with the implant.” And that’s exactly what we saw. So how important was that? It’s beyond calculation because Leo would’ve progressed along but he would have been held back from reaching his potential.’

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  • Look at Moy

    Look at Moy 07 Dec 2020

    A key moment for Elly came when a parent at the Centre spoke to her mum about the importance of teaching her child to read. ‘I think it was a light bulb moment for mum,’ she recalls.

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  • The Rushton twins

    The Rushton twins 30 Nov 2020

    ‘Mum often says The Shepherd Centre was a great support for our family,’ says Lawrence. ‘We attended the Centre from 1991 to 1995 then graduated into a mainstream school.’ Sean remembers the fun aspect of their time at the Centre.

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