• Sound bites – read our February 2021 donor e-newsletter

    Sound bites – read our February 2021 donor e-newsletter 23 Feb 2021

    Read how our new Shellharbour centre changed what parents Ashleigh and Brett could give their daughter
    Find out what puts Archie ahead of his Kindergartener peers
    Thanks to Calvary Health Care our Tasmanian families and children can keep growing
    Watch how Eden’s hard work paid off in time for big school
    Discover a child’s

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  • A Child’s Journey with The Shepherd Centre

    A Child’s Journey with The Shepherd Centre 16 Feb 2021

    This year, after several successful webinars in 2020, we will be hosting a series of complimentary webinars that take a deeper dive into the work we do at The Shepherd Centre.
    The first in the series will be A Child’s Journey with The Shepherd Centre. This will take place from 12:30pm on Wednesday 24th February 2021.

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  • Important update on our group programs 08 Feb 2021

    Notice period for cancellations
    We would like to inform you that we will be making some necessary changes to notice periods for cancellations to our group programs. As you are likely aware, a significant amount of effort by our team goes in to the development and preparation of these programs. If a family is unable

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    SWISH 01 Feb 2021

    Since the Year 2000 we’ve seen incredible advancements in technology – from mobile phones to taxi companies that don’t own cars. They’ve dramatically changed the way we live our lives. Michael Brydon adds hearing tests for newborn babies to that list. Just as the Internet has been the spark for the technology boom, he believes The Shepherd Centre has done the same for newborn babies.

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  • New Shellharbour centre

    New Shellharbour centre 01 Feb 2021

    Our Shellharbour Visiting Centre is opening soon!
    There has been great demand for our services in the Illawarra and we are so excited to offer more flexibility for our families with another centre.
    The centre’s full range of services include:

    Listening and Spoken Language Therapy
    Child and Family Counselling
    Group programs

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