• The Rushton twins

    The Rushton twins 30 Nov 2020

    ‘Mum often says The Shepherd Centre was a great support for our family,’ says Lawrence. ‘We attended the Centre from 1991 to 1995 then graduated into a mainstream school.’ Sean remembers the fun aspect of their time at the Centre.

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  • A lifelong dedication

    A lifelong dedication 23 Nov 2020

    Her decision to return to The Shepherd Centre proved crucial. Anne was a key figure in the establishment of Statewide Infant Screening-Hearing (SWISH). This was closely followed by the setting up of The Shepherd Centre’s own cochlear implant program.

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  • Sound bites – read our November 2020 donor e-newsletter

    Sound bites – read our November 2020 donor e-newsletter 17 Nov 2020

    Read about a Dad’s run inspired by his baby daughter.
    Find out how you made Giving Day a success!
    Step back in time to celebrate our 50 year history.
    From relief to amazement, read about our parent’s hearing loss journey. 
    Find out how we went LOUD for Loud Shirt Day and raised over $50k! 

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  • The importance of support

    The importance of support 16 Nov 2020

    ‘My parents,’ he says, ‘realised I had an issue with my hearing when I wasn’t reacting to sounds around me, like dogs barking and car horns blaring. They took me to their local doctor for a hearing test. They got me to try hearing aids when I was one or two years old.’

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  • In the beginning

    In the beginning 09 Nov 2020

    It’s hard for Aisha to hold back her joy. She’s in a totally different space than she was 12 months earlier.

    ‘After the SWISH test we were referred to Australian Hearing. And that’s when we first heard of The Shepherd Centre. This is going to sound bad, but I didn’t really look at my options until Logan was nine months old. I wasn’t sure he was old enough even though the pamphlets talked about early intervention. I was also dealing with all his other issues. It was hard juggling everything.’

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