• How to encourage auditory memory in children

    How to encourage auditory memory in children 29 May 2020

    What is auditory memory and why is it important for children?
    Auditory memory is what we use to help us retain information that we receive through listening. In order to remember and recall information that we hear, it needs to be held in the brain for a short period to allow us to process

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  • Putting the fun into function!

    Putting the fun into function! 20 May 2020

    How to decorate your child’s hearing devices
    Like most electronics in our lives, where there is a device there is a way to jazz it up! Many children with hearing loss enjoy decorating their devices and there are benefits to doing this:

    Decorating devices with characters or colours that children like can give them

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  • Taking what is heard to heart

    Taking what is heard to heart 20 May 2020

    Have you ever thought about the power of language?
    The old saying, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ isn’t true!
    Language is powerful. Children typically understand a lot more than they are able to say. Children listen to conversations that they are not directly part of and take what’s

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  • Everyday kindness 20 May 2020

    Encouraging everyday acts of kindness at home can turn everyday activities into fun opportunities to build self-esteem and connection. You could use this checklist for ideas of everyday kindnesses, but please feel free to adapt and expand it to include things that work for your own family.
    You could also couple these everyday moments

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  • How can I ensure my child can hear well online?

    How can I ensure my child can hear well online? 20 May 2020

    Listening through an electronic device like a tablet, phone or computer can be tricky at the best of times for everyone. This is especially true for children with hearing loss. With children spending more time learning through devices as technology improves, there are lots of ways you can support your child’s listening and understanding

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