Nucleus 7 upgrade for cochlear implants

Hearing Australia’s support for those with cochlear implants continues to be prioritised to ensure that clients who use a cochlear implant are kept “on-air” by providing repairs, replacement parts and batteries necessary to keep the sound processor working and replacing speech processors that are lost or no longer able to be repaired.

The second priority is to provide access to newer technology, when this technology provides improved perception of speech for the listener. New speech processor technology may offer a range of features that can improve comfort, convenience or ease of use. However the focus of the upgrade program is on improving access to spoken language.

Given this, Hearing Australia will prioritise upgrades to those who have a Nucleus 5 processor or older models and those with older Nucleus 6 models.

Please see the link below for details at the bottom of the page:


The other possible upgrade pathway is through private health insurance should you have a policy that covers cochlear implant sound processor upgrades.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the reception at your centre or [email protected] if you have any questions.

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