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The Shepherd Centre is proud to offer a range of Quality Teaching Council (QTC) Registered Professional Development workshops, accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA),  ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) and internationally with the Alexander Graham Bell Academy. We aim to equip teachers and other professionals working with young people with hearing loss with the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to assist children with hearing loss to develop clear, age-appropriate speech, language and social skills through listening, in a variety of educational settings.




Who should attend?

Itinerant support teachers for children with hearing loss
K-12 teachers
Early intervention specialists
Preschool staff
Childcare workers

Some courses are suitable for parents with school-age children. Please refer to the individual course descriptions.


About the Course Facilitators


Hearing loss professional development

Dr Anne Fulcher, PhD LSLS Cert AVT ®, has been working with children with hearing loss for over 40 years. Anne was introduced into the field as a tutor to Dr Bruce Shepherd’s two children with profound hearing loss while completing BADipEd in Maths, Education and Psychology at Macquarie. Anne was awarded a Rotary Postgraduate scholarship to complete a Masters Degree in Speech and Hearing Loss at Smith College/Clarke School, Massachusetts. She completed her PhD: “Speaking for Themselves: Speech Outcomes of Auditory-Verbal Children with Early-Identified Severe/Profound Hearing Loss” in 2012. Anne has worked in various capacities including an ITHS unit manager for children with multiple disabilities and new support units for isolated children and families. Anne helped to pioneer and establish The Shepherd Centre’s First Sounds Cochlear Implant Program and Social Skills programs.


Ingrid Steyns, BBHSc, MSLP, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT® is the Principal Manager of Clinical Learning and Development at The Shepherd Centre. Ingrid completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Health Sciences and a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology at The University of Sydney, Australia. Ingrid is a Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS Cert. AVT®) and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence as a Speech Language Pathologist. Ingrid has worked in clinical settings providing cochlear implant evaluation, diagnostic assessment and therapeutic intervention services for individuals with hearing loss and their families. Ingrid has developed international training programs, mentored professionals in the field throughout the world and has presented at numerous international conferences and workshops in the field worldwide.


Depending on course content, additional Shepherd Centre team members will co-present.  Our transdisciplinary team includes specialist audiologists, child and family counsellors and speech pathologists.





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